Philip Webster - Owner, Instructor

As  a proud Army veteran, I am a firm supporter of the United States Constitution, in particular, the Bill of Rights. I believe that the 2nd Amendment is the cornerstone to the existence of our Republic. Without  it, all other rights would simply be meaningless words on an over 229-year-old piece of paper and the security of our people and our great  nation would be compromised.

While I believe in responsible  citizens’ right to keep and bear arms, I also believe that we owe it to  ourselves, our families, and our fellow citizens to be properly trained  in the use of our firearms. Training makes it less likely that we will  have accidents or make bad decisions in the event that we are forced to  use deadly force to defend ourselves or our loved ones.

How much  training do we need? I believe that is up to each individual to decide.  This decision can be based upon a variety of factors, to include  physical abilities, one’s personal security needs, or a simple desire to  learn more.

While tactical or, often times, “tacticool,”  training can be fun and exciting, the basics are what counts when it  comes time to defend yourself or your loved ones. It is for this reason  that I focus on training our fellow citizens in basic firearms  fundamentals. This ensures that we are safe, confident, and effective  with our firearms.

I am certified by the California Commission on  Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST), the California Department  of Justice (DOJ), the California Bureau of Security and Investigative  Services (BSIS), the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI), and  the National Rifle Association (NRA). I am also a firearms instructor  for my full-time employer and participate in regular firearms training  with our local sheriff’s department.

I look forward to meeting each of you in class!

Philip's Certifications

- CA Peace Officer Standards and Training  (POST)

- CA Department of Justice (DOJ)

- CA Bureau of Security & Investigative    Services (BSIS)

- Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification    (BCI)

- National Rifle Association (NRA)

- CA POST Chemical Agent Instructor