About Us

Basic  Firearms Training is a veteran owned small business located in  Sacramento County, California. Our certified and licensed instructors  provide our fellow citizens with a variety of courses to help them meet  their firearms training needs. Our courses focus on the basics of  firearms usage, not tactical applications. Whether you’re a beginning  shooter or an experienced one, the basics are the foundation which  allows us to further develop our skills and to maintain our proficiency  and effectiveness with our firearms. 

While  we enjoy tactical firearms courses as much as the next person, we  believe that the basics are what will help us survive should we be  forced to defend ourselves or our loved ones with a firearm.

 In our courses, we put safety first. Our courses are designed to  develop safe habits while building our students’ skill level and, in  turn, their self-confidence and effectiveness with their firearms. Our  classes are safe, fun, and informative. We look forward to seeing you in  class!

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Our Mission


Basic  Firearms Training exists for the purpose of training our fellow  citizens in the basic use of firearms. We strive to build our students’  skill level, and in turn, their self-confidence in their ability to  safely, responsibly, and effectively use their firearms. 

Our Vision


Basic  Firearms Training strives to be a valuable training resource for our  community members who seek to safely and responsibly exercise their 2nd  Amendment right to protect themselves, their families, and our country.  We will work hard to develop and maintain quality training programs that  meet the firearms training needs of our fellow citizens.