California CCW Overview

Our  CCW courses are designed to be safe and informative and to satisfy the legally mandated CCW training requirements and requirements of the issuing agency.  Please click on the CCW course(s) that you are  interested in for more information regarding that specific course. We  look forward to seeing you in class! 

NOTE: While we do cover shooting fundamentals in our CCW courses, these courses are not geared towards teaching students how to shoot. These courses are geared more towards the legal aspects, mindset, and other topics related to carrying a CCW.  CCW students should already know the basics on how to operate their firearm(s).

Counties we currently provide CCW training for

We offer CCW training for the following counties. The minimum training hours required for the initial CCW course are in parenthesis. Note: all counties require a 4-hour class to renew the CCW.

  • Amador (8 hours)
  • El Dorado (8 hours)
  • Placer (8 hours)
  • Sacramento (16 hours)
  • San Joaquin (16 hours)
  • Solano (8 hours)
  • Sutter (8 hours)
  • Yolo (16 hours)